About Us

About Inston

Xinyu Inston Mineral Product Co., Ltd. locates in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province. Jiangxi Province is the largest ceramic mineral material basis in China with mature mining condition. The aim of Inston is to provide mineral material solution to the worldwide customer especially ceramic industry. The major product are wollastonite, calcined talc, china stone etc…


All mines locates in Jiangxi area that enable us easy to control the output and quality. It also enable us to act in the fast way in case there is any emergency situation.



To ensure uncompromised quality, we have established our own laboratory to oversee the entire processing procedure. From meticulous sorting and precise grinding to secure packaging, our laboratory plays a vital role in maintaining the highest standards of quality control.


80% of our staffs have been engaged in mining, processing, selling and logistic for more than 10 years. We have formed our own emergency response system to cope with unexpected situation.

Environment and Employment

Environment and Employment

Environment and Employment are the most important aspects we concerned in our operation and development. The mining is proceeded underground that will not damage the surface environment. We have also installed dust exclusive system in our grinding line. We are proud that we can help our society to solve some employment problem. We always endeavor to provide our employee with long term salary and wisdom. We also work hard to provide our employee with harmless working environment.

Company Mission

Though it’s an information age, information asymmetry still exist. The mission of Inston is to trade with the world with our special product that only exist in Jiangxi like wollastonite, bauxite, phosphate, calcined talc, etc…

Company Mission
The words to the customer

The Words to The Customer

Inston’s mission is to provide customer with mineral product of stable quality, abundant supply and in time delivery.