Company Events that Continually Impulse

In response to the appeal of government of “green hill and clear water”, every year, we gradually replace our equipment with new equipment that with environmental facility and dust processing facility. Before our mine is exposed  to the air without any cover, since year 2019, we have gradually built specially plant to store the raw product and semi mine to avoid the dust flying into the air.

With the developing of Chinese economics, our government focus a lot on the environment for many areas and have taken very strictly measurements to improve the situation. As for us, as a part of social unit, we also should undertake our duty and we are pleased to do so. For our children, for our future, for the human been, it’s so important to protect our environment.

Since 2018, to meet the increasing demand of different industry, we built a new workshop with new millers to increase our output. Up to now, our annual output of powder have come to 10,000mts. Total output products including lumps goes to 20,000mts.  To make sure a stable quality, we have also updated the appliances with high precision. We have also organized training for the staffs of each procedures every season including sorting, milling and testing.  Mineral is a kind of nature occurred substance, the quality varies from different area of the mine., so we must monitor the quality every day with enough caution. Stable quality is always our most important principle and we endeavor on it all these years.

The workers’ health is also our most concerning area, every year, we organize physical examination of all the workers. With our strict protection measures, for over ten years, there is no occupational disease case fund. Most of the workers have been worked in company for more than then years.

Post time: Aug-09-2023